Erica Hosseini: surfer and model, of course

Erica Hosseini has joined the Oakley women’s team. The Newport surfer, stunt and model surfs and trains in her own backyard and will be promoting the brand's innovative swimwear and active apparel.

"When I heard Oakley was focused on launching more women's active and swimwear products, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of," said Erica.

"As a professional surfer I need to make sure I stay fit and train hard. I want to do this everyday in high performance, quality and stylish products. That's why I chose Oakley."

"Oakley athletes have woven a powerful legacy across a myriad of sports since the brand’s inception in 1975," said Patrick McIlvain, Oakley VP of Global Sports Marketing.

"Erica possesses an uncontainable drive to be on the forefront of sport and style."

"This makes her an exceptional ambassador for Oakley who will lead the next generation of active women into new territory where performing beautifully is a natural part of everyday life."

As Oakley continues to perfect the balance of performance and style, athletes like Erica are poised to play an integral role in shaping the future of Oakley’s women's eyewear and apparel before, during, and after sport.

Read an interview with Erica Hosseini about her surf stunt work. Take a look at her first photo shoot.

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