Scotland: land of perfect waves | Photo: Wavelength

"Unsung Corners: A Scottish Odyssey" is an inspiring short film showcasing a Scottish road trip with three of Britain's best surfing talents.

The movie celebrates the neglected corners of the Scottish coastline and the abundance of waves and adventures to be had in this magical land.

The goal of the trip was to seek out untouched corners of Scotland - truly off-the-beaten-path areas that the group has never been to before - and also make time for more varied outdoor activities.

With the potential for inconsistent waves, British surf magazine Wavelength took along a team of three, chosen specifically for their fluidity on different types of craft and ability to ride with enthusiasm and style in any conditions.

Candice O'Donnell (longboarder, artist), Mike Lay (longboarder), and Seb Smart (shortboarder, longboarder, bodyboarder) packed up a Land Rover and cruised up north.

Scotland: empty lineups and dream right-handers | Photo: Wavelength

They surfed the region's most famous slab - Thurso East - but they were also fortunate enough to find a few gems and long peelers along the way, like river mouths and desert islands.

"The crew were rarely disappointed by the waves we found. When it was small, clean and square, they paddled out on the bellyboards, for abundant barrel visions and body-bounces off the shallow reef. For anything else, the logs were perfect," Wavelength notes.

As the surf explorers set off for home, wearied and sun-kissed, there was no doubt they'd found the varied experiences they'd come for.

"As the peaks of Loch Lomond disappeared into the rearview mirror, we all agreed that in Scotland, whether it's the waves or something else you’ve come for, you always leave knowing there's so much more to see," the magazine concludes.

Read the full story from the surf trip to Scotland in Wavelength's Vol. 255.

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