Explosive performances at the Volcom Pipe Pro 2016

February 2, 2016 | Surfing
Bruce Irons: studying the exit at Backdoor | Photo: Lugo

Pipeline continues to deliver some of the best waves of the season, as the Volcom Pipe Pro 2016 hits Round of 3.

A fired up John John Florence surfed two waves in the excellent range to claim the highest heat total of the day - 18.84 points. The Hawaiian is through to Round 4.

"It was a really fun heat; I've been excited to watch it all day. It's been slowly picking up since this morning; conditions are incredible. The whole day I was just like, 'please stay the same, please stay the same.' Still light offshores, big, beautiful sunny barrels," noted Florence.

Bruce Irons only used the last 40 seconds of his heat to jump from third to first. The legendary surfer from Kauai found a perfect barrel when he needed it. The crowd erupted in cheers.

"The conditions are as good as it gets. It's probably one of the best days of winter. Lefts, rights, 8-10 feet offshore, what more do you want?" added Irons.

Zeke Lau scored the only Perfect 10 of the competition so far. The Hawaiian caught a Backdoor gem and won his heat ahead of Dimitri Ouvre, who placed second.

"The ten felt great. I knew I was only looking for a small score, so I was kind of just looking for a little corner to tuck in and, of course, the biggest right comes, I was like 'oh God,' but it looked like a great wave, so I just figured go for it. I pretty much just held on for dear life," concluded Lau.

Volcom Pipe Pro 2016 | Round 3 Results

Marco Giorgi, Kiron Jabour, Keanu Asing, Joel Centeio
Koa Smith, Brent Dorrington, Derek Peters, Patrick Gudauskas
Bruce Irons, Joan Duru, Mikey Bruneau, Billy Stairmand
Torrey Meister, Griffin Colapinto, Conner Coffin, Granger Larsen
Ezekiel Lau, Dimitri Ouvre, Gavin Gillette, Ian Walsh
Jack Robinson, Nathan Yeomans, Hank Gaskell, Jean Da Silva
Sebastian Zietz, Takayuki Wakita, Carlos Munoz, Brian Toth
Chris Ward, Kelly Slater, Gavin Beschen, Yago Dora
John John Florence, Eala Stewart, Balaram Stack, Leonardo Fioravanti
Ian Gouveia, Hiroto Ohhara, Hizunome Bettero, Victor Bernardo
Tom Whitaker, Soli Bailey, Yujiro Tsuji, Leandro Usuna
Nic Von Rupp, Aritz Aranburu, Kai Mana Henry, Ricardo Christie
Dusty Payne, Makai McNamara, Miguel Tudela, Kevin Sullivan

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