Fanning, Gilmore and Hadlow in Laureus nominations

January 27, 2008 | Surfing

Mick Fanning

Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore and Aaron Hadlow are nominated for World Action Sportsperson of the Year in the Laureus World Sports Awards.

The ninth annual Laureus World Sports Awards is to be held in St Petersburg, Russia, on February 18, 2008.

Laureus World Action Sportsperson of the Year:

Daniel Dhers (Venezuela) – at 21, took gold in BMX Park at the Summer X Games
Mick Fanning (Australia) – won the 2007 Surfing World Tour, taking three firsts during the year
Stephanie Gilmore (Australia) – at 19, first surfer to win a World Surfing Championship as a rookie
Aaron Hadlow (UK) – aged 19, won PKRA kiteboarding world tour for fourth straight time
Ryan Sheckler (US) – dominated Park category in skateboarding on Action Sports Tour
Shaun White (US) – won Winter and Summer X Games golds in snowboarding and skateboarding

Laureus is a universal movement that celebrates the power of sport to bring people together as a force for good.

Laureus is composed of three core elements - the Laureus World Sports Awards, the Laureus World Sports Academy and the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation - which collectively celebrate sporting excellence and harness the power of sport to promote social change.

Source: Laureus

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