Feather Fins: founded by Kike Aradas in Galicia

The competitive market of surfboard fins has a new player. Meet Feather Fins.

Their first goal is to conquer the heart of the European surfers. Feather Fins was founded by Kike Aradas in 2014.

The fin adventure kicked off in Galicia, Spain, but a sudden partnership with Erwann Laflutewith sent the product across Europe.

Feather Fins is a different fin company. According to Kike, the brand "proposes quality fins designed with and for European athletes.

They are sensitive to climate change and environment, so all packaging and visuals of the brand are made from recycled materials."

Aradas has been making waves for 26 years, but he has also traveled around the world as a pro surfing judge, which enabled him to meet lots of people and create many contacts in the surfing world.

The Feather Fins CEO explains the initial success of the company with "their hunger to present quality products at an attractive price in European surf shops."

And his partner is a game-changer, too. Erwann comes from the business world and speaks five languages.

"The connection was instantaneous. I immediately understood that we had to open this company to new perspectives, not only selling in Spain," adds Erwann Laflutewith.

"A European, attractive, eco-responsible, good quality and fair price product has to be affordable to everybody."

Feather Fins is currently sponsoring 27 surfers and kiteboarders of the Old Continent.

Jonathan Gonzalez, Lucia Martiño, Goni Zubizarreta, Leo-Paul Etienne, and Jose Maria Cabrera are some of the riders who are part of the Galician team.

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