Festival Alma 2011 surfs the city of São Paulo

May 26, 2011 | Surfing
Festival Alma 2011: loads of stoke

Brazil is hot right now with some of the best surfers in the world and this weekend they’ll come together at the Festival Alma 2011.

The Biennial is one of São Paulo largest venues - about the size of three football fields - and will be filled with a mini skate park, theater, concert stage, surf library, shapers exhibition, art and photography exhibition as every brand south of the Equator.

This city is the hub of the surf industry or the Orange County of South America and with thousands of fans with tickets in hand at this time it is the largest surf festivals in South America.

The event brings together the most dynamic names of surf and the beach in fashion, arts, design, architecture, music, film and sports. On May 26th, 27th and 28th. The Festival was envisioned by entrepreneur and surfer Romeu Andreatta.

Festival Alma 2011, will culminate in this eighth edition to celebrate the “Life At The Beach”, as the theme of this year’s festival.

The Festival Alma 2011 has constructed an immense beach house bringing together style, design, surf, environmental factors and sustainability.

"They estimate that more than 30 million Brazilians identify with this style of life and consume surf and beach living. We want to inhale, to transform and to extend the knowledge of the public on the culture and our values", says Andreatta.

Many special guests are coming in from all over the world including Hawaiian Surfer Rory Russell, nick named 'the Prince of Pipeline' and filmmaker/photographer Patrick Trefz, from Santa Cruz, California, who will be creating a special photographic collage wall of his work for the exhibit.

The Festival RVCA of Cinema brings the latest surf films to the big screen in Brazil. With Highly anticipated screenings of "High 5", by Chris Cote, "Stoked & Broke", by Cyrus Sutton, "Splinters" by Adam Pesce, "First Love" by Claire Gorman, "Leave A Message" by Jason Kentworthy, "First Love" by Claire Groman, "Chasing The Swell" by Sachi Cunningham, "Scratching the Surface", of Matt Beauchesne, "Down With The Ship" by Derek Dunfee, "Hi I’m Andy Irons" by Michael Oblowitz and a special presentation by Jack McCoy and Sir Paul McCartney.

McCoy whose has 25 films to his credit has now collaborated with none other than Sir Paul McCartney on his new song "Blue Sway". Jack is well known in the surf industry for his work on "Occy - The Occumentary", "Blue Horizon", "Green Iguana", and many others.

With participation with some of the largest surf and beach companies in South America - Billabong, Nixon, RVCA, Element, VonZipper, Rider, Mormaii, Fox, HB (Hot Buttered), Bintang, HD (Hawaiian Dreams), Evoke, Lightning Bolt, Long Island and South By South, these companies will be set up in a easy going lounge settings so the public may relax, enjoy and taken in all that the Festival will have to offer.

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