Fifty surfers enjoy the Shane Dorian Keiki Classic

February 2, 2011 | Surfing
16th Shane Dorian Keiki Classic: fun and competitive

The 16th Shane Dorian Keiki Classic was held in epic atmosphere, in Kauai, Hawaii.

With waist-to-chest high waves, the young surfers' talent attracted everyone - pro surfers, restaurants, police, the Mayor, water patrol, surf shops and the whole community donating time and products to the event.

Surfing legend and international icon Shane Dorian has created this contest to raise food for charity, while providing a free entry for all the local kids to participate in a prestigious competition.

Fifty surfers competed in the U13 and U17 categories. This year’s expression session which had Benji, Kamalei, CJ Kanuha, Roy Powers, Torrey Meister, Moody, Freddy P, Lahiki, Keala Naihe, Darren Farhenfort and Ian Walsh was a stellar affair and the kids were amazed.

"Our boy Kaunaloa Ng won the prestigious Menehune final and is the local favorite," observed master coach Rainos Hayes.

"Everyone loves him." There is also a little tow headed 7-year-old that made the final named Brodie Sale. "Very good for his age, like Seth Moniz was," says Hayes. "He moves at the right speed."

The youngster won a round trip to the Mainland. Shane Dorian was delighted. "Brodie is not frightened by much for such a youngster," noted Shane. "Banyans is kinda nuts when it is 5 feet and Brodie was out there happy to be part of it all."

Shane has become one of the most respected all-round surfers in history and the Keiki Classic is testimony to the quality of his talent and the generosity of his character.

16th Shane Dorian Keiki Classic | Results

Menehune Boys

1 - Kaunaloa Ng
2 - Charlie Akao
3 - Brodi Sale
4 - Hanalei Kahele

Menehune Girls

1 - Kahanu Delovio
2 - Keahi Delovio
3 - Kala'iku Delovio
4 - Emma Waite
5 - Honokanai'a Huebner
6 - Olivia Akao


1 - Christina Fear
2 - Chloe Child
3 - Mehana Pilago
4 - Manu Napeahi


1 - Kiko Napeahi
2 - Wyatt Elder
3 - Richie Reed
4 - Kaleo Raicevic