Finn McGill, 16, conquers the Pipe Invitational 2016

December 13, 2016 | Surfing
Finn McGill: one of the youngest to ever win at Pipe | Photo: Heff/WSL

Sixteen-year-old surfer Finn McGill has taken out the Pipe Invitational 2016, at Banzai Pipeline, in Hawaii.

The young local talent defeated Gavin Beschen, Joshua Moniz, and Victor Bernardo in the four-to-six-foot surf final. McGill couldn't be more stoked.

"I cannot even believe this is happening right now. I've been surfing here my whole life and wanted to get some waves with only three other guys out. That was my mentality going into this event," expressed Finn McGill.

The Hawaiian clearly was the standout surfer of the entire event. In the final heat, Mcgill earned an 8.60 for a big drop and quick barrel.

"I have been wanting to be in the Pipe Masters my whole life, and I have been coming down to this event since I was three years old. I went to school across the street, and I remember sitting in class and listening to the scores, wishing I could be there."

Finn McGill, Gavin Beschen, Frederico Morais and Bruce Irons have all earned a wildcard into the upcoming 2016 Billabong Pipeline Masters.

Pipeline Invitational | Final

1. Finn McGill (HAW) 13.93
2. Gavin Beschen (HAW) 6.10
3. Joshua Moniz (HAW) 5.07
4. Victor Bernardo (BRA) 4.16

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