First public Wavegarden opens in Spring 2012

January 16, 2012 | Surfing
Wavegarden: come on, open the artificial wave park

The first public artificial wave park facility built by Wavegarden will open in the Basque Country, in Spring of 2012. This is the surf park in which the brand has tested the concept and model.

The team of entrepreneurs has accelerated the construction of a public surf pool for all levels of surfing, after the announcement of the British installment of Wavegarden, scheduled for Spring 2013, in Bristol.

The Spanish wave center will, however, allow limited public access and will also be a business showroom of the Wavegarden technology.

The research and development process behind Wavegarden started sex years ago. The first human-generated wave that breaks in natural surroundings will offer customized waves for any spot in the world.

"The Wavegarden will be both a centre of high performance training for elite surfers, as well as a research site for wave-generating technology, in the same location as the Wavegarden prototype", the company tells.

"This is a place with beautiful natural surroundings only 12 minutes from the sea, and close to some of the best waves of the Bay of Biscay near the French border. The idea is to keep construction sustainable and to a minimum".

The Basque Country Wavegarden surf park will be a place developing the wave-generating technology and ways and a high-performance surf centre equipped with everything necessary for the perfection of the surfing technique. The artificial wave pool will also deliver ideal waves for beginning surfers.

The improved wave will be approximately 1.3m high, breaking simultaneously left and right with clean barreling rides of up to 20 seconds long. This wave height is about 30cm higher than the old prototype, although it is limited by the width of the area on which it is situated.

Furthermore, the Wavegarden consists of two large areas for initiates where the waves break smaller and more gently. The wave frequency will be sufficient to have almost continually breaking waves and all with an average energy consumption of only 350 kwh.

Wavegarden confirms commitments for facilities in the Middle East, Europe and America. In the last months, the machinery has been steadily improved, optimizing reliability and efficiency with minimum maintenance requirements throughout the life of a Wavegarden.

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