Flexi-Hex: the cardboards that protect surfboards | Photo: Flexi-Hex

A surf company from Cornwall developed a biodegradable surfboard packaging system.

Flexi-Hex is a lightweight, durable, and reusable set of two cardboard sleeves that suits almost any surfboard size and shape while protecting the deck, nose, and tail.

"With current surfboard packaging times between 15-to-20 minutes and a variety of different methods and materials used, Flexi-Hex is designed to be user-friendly, save time, and reduce your environmental impact," explain the developers of the invention.

This clever packaging formula can be assembled in two minutes. The 100 percent recyclable cardboard folds and unfolds in less than a second, and all you have to do is insert the open-ended modules and duct tape them.

The hexagonal cellular structure is highly flexible and creates a three-centimeter (1.1 inches) separation between surfboards. And thanks to its honeycomb geometry, the details and identification of the board are always visible.

The plastic-free solution is the ideal packaging method for surfboard manufacturers, shapers, and surf shops wishing to pack and protect their products quickly and efficiently.

It's the perfect system for storing and transporting surfboards. For example, whenever a surf shop sells a surfboard, the cardboard packaging system is removed and installed on another board.

Flexi-Hex can also be used on skateboards, snowboards, wakeboards, kiteboards, and other action sports equipment.

Flexi-Hex hopes to fight single-use packaging and the number of plastics involved in marine-related businesses and help surfers reduce their environmental footprint.

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