Trampoline surfing: the Joog Squad learned with Jamie O'Brien

Surfers are creative individuals, especially when the ocean's flat or the waves are less than ideal even for a longboarding session.

A group of hardcore surfing enthusiasts designed and built a trampoline that rides waves. As a result, you're able to surf and bounce simultaneously. Confused?

And to add a little bit of spice to the experience, the "Joog Squad" tested their innovative surf craft in Florida during Hurricane Matthew.

"The trampoline has four legs so that we can put one paddleboard on each side. All it takes is two paddleboards to go surfing on a trampoline, apparently," explained one of the members of the team.

It took seven people to carry the surfing trampoline to the water. After confirming that the craft could float, two surfers - one on each board - paddled out. Then, they were ready to ride their first waves.

The trampoline surf session only ended when the sun set, and everyone was tired of bouncing over the waves. Why haven't you thought of it before, Jamie O'Brien?

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