FlowRider: when the ocean's gone flat

Has the surf gone flat? Surf report got it wrong again? That doesn’t matter anymore because the FlowRider has come to Cornwall. Now you can surf every day of the year no matter what the conditions are like, at The Loop, Retallack Resort & Spa.

By generating a thin sheet of water, no more than 3 inches deep, that flows over a stationary wave, you can carve and turn, ride up and slide down the simulated wave surface.

The FlowRider at The Loop gives you the experience of surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding in a self-contained and safe environment.

With our bar area, restaurant, shop, and changing facilities located at The Loop you can use the FlowRider, grab a bite to eat or just get a drink and relax in a Fat Boy giant bean bag and watch all the action.

Enjoyed by both spectators and participants, the Flow Rider is a fully interactive skilled sport in the exciting world of aquatic recreation. The FlowRider at The Loop allows you to surf even when the sea is flat.

Regardless of age and skill levels, the thrill of surfing a wave can be experienced by parents, teenagers, and children alike.

With a little patience and practice, everyone can enjoy the thrill of surfing, learn the skills of snowboarding and the tricks of skateboarding.

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