Flynn Novak: trick inventor

Flynn Novak, the lanky Hawaiian goofy-footer who turned heads as he took down some big-name surfers on his way to a quarter-final placing in the 2009 Billabong Pipeline Masters, has more in his arsenal than tight barrel riding.

Novak has lit up the Kustom Airstrike aerial surfing competition with two freakish new entries showing his trademark "Flynnstone flip."

The entries, both filmed by Ariel Willeford, were shot two weeks apart and were apparently eight years in the making.

The first to be filmed looks across some exposed reef to show Novak surfing a little lefthander.

He pumps down the line before launching into a double-grab backflip and projecting out to the shoulder of the wave to stomp the landing.

The second clip exposing this innovative maneuver is shot front-on, with Novak getting good height through the flip and an equally smooth landing as the first.

Flynn first started playing around with the flip eight years ago but couldn't get the required projection to land on the wave.

Last year he landed a couple of the flips but the two entries to Kustom Airstrike are apparently the first two to be captured on film.

The entries are among a wave of mind-blowing new aerials that have been posted on the site in recent weeks.

Among these are goofy-footers Ryan Carlson, whose kerrupt flip was shot by Dave Scales, and Ry Craike, whose no-hands frontside air reverse was shot by Riley Blakeway.

The surge in new entries comes as the Kustom Airstrike event enters its final two-month competition window.

Surfers have until 31 August to submit their entries in a bid to claim the US$50,000 winner-take-all Kustom Airstrike prize purse.

Kustom Airstrike went live on 1 January, meaning the event is now three-quarters of the way through its eight-month competition window.

Source: Kustom

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