Foil surfer crosses a 19th-century French aqueduct

August 14, 2018 | Surfing
Philippe Caneri: he is taking foil surfing everywhere

Foil surfing is changing the way people can get access to previously inaccessible areas in all types of bodies of water.

The hydrofoil changed the classic surfing paradigm that tells us that we need waves to glide across oceans, rivers and indoor pools. That's not the case anymore.

Horue is a French water sports company that has been focusing their time and effort on everything related to foils - boards, sails, spare parts, and wings.

Philippe Caneri, the founder of Horue and a foiling pioneer himself, likes to promote his products through innovative videos that usually involve dangerous stunts, hot girls, fast boats, and eye-catching scenarios.

This time, the flamboyant entrepreneur decided to take his favorite foil to Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, a medieval village located in the southeast of France.

The place features one of the largest karst springs in the country, and also L'Aqueduc de Gallas, a stunning living aqueduct built in 1857.

So, it's now pretty obvious what Caneri had in mind. That's true: in a spot without waves, he pumped his foil system across the freshwater stream system.

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