Foiling Magazine hits the newsstands

September 6, 2019 | Surfing
Foiling Magazine: a print and digital magazine exclusively dedicated to foiling water sports | Photo: Foiling Magazine

Water Born Media announced the launch of Foiling Magazine, a print and digital magazine exclusively dedicated to foiling water sports.

The publishing company, which also owns The Kite Mag, will focus its content on hydrofoil-based outdoor activities.

The Foiling Magazine plans to cover the latest updates and breaking news on foil surfing, foil kiteboarding, foil windsurfing, foil wakesurfing, and foil stand-up paddleboarding.

"We will have in-depth interviews, exclusive features, and high adventure complemented by the best foiling photography out there," notes Water Born Media.

"Foiling Magazine is the only publication of its kind. Our first issue is available in digital format or luxuriously thick and glossy print form."

The Cornwall-based publishers kick off their latest adventure with a 150-page edition featuring interviews with Kai Lenny, Caio Ibelli and Robby Naish, gear tests, technical tips, and action articles with Julien Salles, Tom Court, and Julien Fillion.

There's also a one-on-one chat with waterwoman Annie Reickert and Nick Leason, the founder of the electric foil company, Lift Foils.

Each copy of Foiling Magazine sells for $9, while the yearly subscription costs $36. The digital edition sells for $5.