Mavericks: a unique surf break | Photo: Frank Quirarte

Nearly 30 big wave surfing pictures taken by surf photographer Frank Quirarte and infused on coated aluminum sheets will be on display at the Coastal Arts League Gallery in Half Moon Bay, California.

The exhibition "Mavericks: Heavy Metal" showcases some of the best and most iconic shots captured by Quirarte in the last two decades at the legendary North California surf break.

Metal printing is a new medium that allows the production of high-definition images by infusing dyes on aluminum plaques. The photos get vibrant colors and increased luminescence.

Frank Quirarte's unique artistic experimentation is part of "Mavericks: Everest of the Seas," the photo exhibition held every year since 2007 at the Coastal Arts League Gallery, which also features the work of Ed Grant and Doug Acton.

Quirarte is arguably one of the best big wave surf photographers in the world and has been focusing his skills on Mavericks since the spot gained a worldwide reputation.

He is also a longtime surfer and member of the Big Wave Tour (BWT) rescue team. "Mavericks: Heavy Metal" will be open to the general public between January 15 and February 11, 2018.

Mavericks: the danger zone shot by Frank Quirarte | Photo: Seth de Roulet

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