Fraser Dovell is the 2013 Australian Junior surfing champion

December 9, 2013 | Surfing
Fraser Dovell: high and dry

Fraser Dovell and Isabella Nichols are the new Soundwave Australian Under 18 Junior champions. They have been crowned in solid 6-foot surf, at Werri Beach, New South Wales.

Fraser Dovell is only 15, but his first experience at the Australian Junior Titles earned him a coming from behind victory, on his final wave.

"I was hoping to do well here but I can't believe I've actually won and to jump from forth to first on that last wave is just an incredible feeling", underlines Dovell.

"I was nervous as that wave approached but once I rode it I just focused on doing my best and it turned into a fantastic wave."

In almost identical circumstances Queensland's Isabella Nichols won the Girls Under 18 final, languishing in forth position until her final ride in the last minute and securing a good score to jump to first place.

"I wasn't nervous but more relieved to finally get a decent wave at the end", says Nichols.

"I moved closer to the shore just to find a decent wave and it was just lucky that one arrived before the final finished and I'm so happy to have won."

The Under 16 finals were won by Victoria's Joe Van Dijk and West Australia's Elli Campbell.

The Under 14 Boy and Girl divisions were outstanding as these talented youngsters tackled seriously challenging and treacherous conditions. Caleb Tancred and Macy Callaghan stood out.

2013 Soundwave Australian Junior Surfing Titles | Team Results

1. Queensland
2. New South Wales
3. Western Australia,
4. Victoria
5. Tasmania
6. South Australia

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