Leptis Magna, Libya: waves break behind the Roman ruins

Civil turmoil and street riots are spreading in Libya. A political revolution is underway.

The fourth largest country in Africa by area has an extensive Mediterranean coastline. Yes, it’s possible to surf in Libya even when the winds of change seem to sweep Libya.

The best swell in this region comes from the northwest. You can get consistent surf and waves during spring, autumn, and winter.

Near Tripoli, Libya's capital, there's a left-hand point break in Leptis Magna, an old and spectacular Roman ruin.

Despite the low quality of Libyan roads, this surf spot is 130 kilometers east of Tripoli and can be reached in a two-hour drive.

The first surfers testing Libya's surfing potential have always mentioned one wave, in particular - Wadi Naga is known to deliver 500-meter rides.

Waves in the Mediterranean have to be surfed at the right time and tide.

Searching for waves on the Mediterranean coast is like finding gold. You are prepared to wait, explore, and be amazed when you find what you want.

Libya has several private and highly protected oceanfront camps that discourage surfing. If you find great waves, you'll certainly be riding waves alone.

The land of oil is not the land of surf tourism, despite the quality of the point breaks.

If you still have some spare time, visit Shahat, a town located in the country's Eastern coastline region.

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