Gabe Kling and Lakey Peterson are the North American surfing champions

November 30, 2010 | Surfing

Gabe Kling: older is better, just like the Port wine

Gabe Kling and Lakey Peterson have been crowned 2010 ASP North American champions. The surfers from the East and West of the USA gathered enough point in the regional events to take this year's title.

Kling, 30, won the 6.0 Lowers Pro and placed very well in Prime surfing contests like the US Open of Surfing and the O’Neill Cold Water Classic California.

“With the level of competition being so high I’m really stoked to have won the series”, Kling said. The Floridian surfer recovered from a severe knee injury but has managed to consolidate his performances.

“With the time out of the water I trained a lot and I learned a few new knee and ankle exercises that may have made me a little stronger,” Kling said. “I hate being hurt so I guess I was just really stoked to be back in the water. That might be the one advantage of the time off.”

Lakey Peterson had a great 2010. She finished equal 3rd at the US Open of Surfing. “This is my first year on the ASP World Ranking and I’m happy that I’ve had a few results,” Peterson said. “I’m not trying to qualify or anything right now. It’s good getting the experience.”

Two generations of winning US surfers prove the flexibility of the sport's performance.

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