Gabi Rowe wins the UK Rip Curl Girls at Croyde beach

July 31, 2009 | Surfing
Gabi Rowe

In the first leg of the Rip Curl Pro Women’s Event at Croyde beach, Gabi Rowe from Port Issac defeated the rest of the field to take advantage. Second place went to Gwen Spurlock of Swansea and third Lucy Campbell of Woolacombe, in her first Women’s event.

The Rip Curl Girls Tour will now move on to the second and final leg at Porthmeor Beach St Ives. It will take place over the next two days and with a good forecast for swell will be an exciting finale to the UK Rip Curl Women’s Tour. 

This year the tour featured a series of Women’s surfing contests in England and Wales.

Two of these events; Croyde and St Ives combined to make a two-star event on the Women’s UK Pro Surf Tour, with £1,000 prize money available.

The surfer who accumulates the most points over these two competitions will win the only two-star women’s event on the UK Pro Surf Tour.

In addition to the Pro events, each venue has hosted a Newbie event.

If the girls have not competed in a surf contest before they have had the opportunity to compete for the first time against surfers with the same experience as themselves.

The finalists of these events went into the draw against the top Pro Surfers in the UK along with winning prizes from Rip Curl and the other sponsors.

The final stop is Porthmeor Beach in St Ives, situated below the Tate Gallery; Porthmeor is possibly one of the most popular beaches in Cornwall.

In addition to the First time and Pro Event, there will be a Women’s Longboard Event, the only Women’s Longboard event on the UK Pro Surf Tour.

At this event, we will crown the winner of the Rip Curl Girls Tour and give away £1,000 prize money.