Garrett McNamara is back to the Nazare wave bombs

October 9, 2014 | Surfing
Garrett McNamara and friends: enjoying the first swell of the 2014/2015 big wave surfing season

Garrett McNamara and friends have opened the 2014/2015 big wave surfing season at Nazaré, Portugal.

The Hawaiian charger is ready for new challenges in the westernmost country of mainland Europe. The fishing town of Nazaré, with its singular underwater canyon, has welcomed Mcnamara, as the first serious post-summer swell hits Praia do Norte.

GMAC is not alone. The first tow-in warmup brought Andrew Cotton, Cliff Skudin, Kealii Mamala, and Sebastian Steudtner to Portuguese waters, too. When the early morning fog went away, the boys hit the shifty line-up.

The spot was pumping perfect 15-25 foot bombs across the canyon's mouth, allowing deep barrel rides and unexpected air games. At Praia do Norte, you can't paddle out on a big day without jet ski assist, otherwise you'll put your life in danger.

Garrett McNamara is sharing his knowledge of Nazaré with multiple big wave surfers, but he won't certainly miss the opportunity to extend his world record for the biggest ridden wave of all time. And that's when the 100-foot wave is no longer enough.