Garrett McNamara is the villain behind "Empire Now"

July 16, 2014 | Surfing
Empire Now: bad boy Garrett McNamara

Garrett McNamara is the dangerous villain of "Empire Now," the ultimate New York surf thriller.

Director JR Jensen has used the landscapes and the culture of New York to create a film that combines a fast paced thriller with high-action surf.

"Empire Now" sees Kurt Rist, Leif Engstrom, TJ Gumiela, Brian Pollak, Will Skudin, Balaram Stack, Zack Dayton, Tyler Maguire, Cliff Skudin, and Dylan Stott representing the city that never sleeps.

New York's best surfers tackle giant barrels, paddle into monstrous waves and get towed into giant slabs, somewhere in Hawaii, Indonesia, New Jersey, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua and Tahiti.

Apparently, Garrett McNamara gets angry, so beware of his guns. Guest appearances also include Kealii Mamala and Tamayo Perry.

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