Get "A Shortcut to Longboarding" now

March 28, 2013 | Surfing
A Shortcut to Longboarding: an eBook by Lee Ryan

The secrets of riding bigger and classy boards are unveiled in "A Shortcut to Longboarding", a new eBook by Lee Ryan, former professional longboard and coach at Surfing New Zealand.

Whether you're new to longboard surfing or a true veteran, make sure to grab "A Shortcut to Longboarding."

The eco-friendly eBook will teach you how to improve your jump up, stance and style, walk the board, hang five, hang ten, perform drop knee cutbacks, paddle out in big surf, and many more surfing techniques.

"I have put all my coaching ideas and tips into this instructional book on longboarding," explains Lee Ryan.

"Therefore, no matter where you are, and whether the waves are 1ft onshore or 6ft offshore, you can have my instructional book full of handy tips to make the most of your next surf session."

The world's best professional longboarders, Taylor Jensen, Harley Ingleby, and Josh Constable have also dropped their tips and ideas in "A Shortcut to Longboarding".

The eBook also explains how to train to be a better surfer, how to design a surf fitness plan, and even exercises to test your judging skills.