Get a winch, surfer dude

March 9, 2015 | Surfing
Winch riding: a cranberry experience | Photo: Ryan Taylor/Red Bull

The idea is not new. Wakeboarders were amongst the pioneers of winch riding, but the solution is spreading across all water sports.

One of the most famous stunts took place in Surrey, England.

Jorge Gill and Jack Hammersley used a Jack Hammersley winch pulley system to get the most out of a flooded car park.

In Pensacola Beach, surfers Sterling Spencer, Steveo Clark, and Jon Shell turned a small surfing day into an exciting "tricky" session.

Winch is power, and these days you don't need a jet ski to tow you into the ramps.

In 2012, a wakeboarding team visited a cranberry bog in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin.

The result could only be visually strong. Missing cranberries already? Run to the supermarket.

Riding and pulling airs over cranberries is just for these guys. Crazy stuff.

Evan Geiselman and friends have also been pulled by a powerful winch in the waves of St. Augustine Beach, Florida.

Although you don't need a university degree to master the art of winch surfing, the truth is that you will need time and practice.

Finally, never rule skimboarders out. They have their own circus tent, but they're not clowns.

They've been pioneering shore break riding, and they always have a secret trick in the pocket.

Watch how they enjoy a New Years Day at Baker Beach in San Francisco.

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