Get your smartphone on the waves with Qmountz

February 1, 2013 | Surfing
Qmountz: film your surf sessions with your iPhone

Qmountz is the newest waterproof case for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Now, you can capture all surfing action with your own smartphone and add apps for special features.

Do you own a iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy smartphone? Tired of spending money with new, expensive surf cameras? It's time to get your favorite mobile phone to the line-up.

Qmountz, designed by Maptaq, is a transparent case that is impact and scratch resistant, break-proof and waterproof up to three meters depth.

It protects against water, sand, dust, smoke and mud. The Qmountz package also includes a screw-on fisheye lens, extending the recording angle to 180 degrees. You can mount it on the surfboard or use it on the chest.

Additionally, you can download a digital image stabilizer, GPS data or video editing apps for extra features. You can measure the speed and distance from the take-off zone to the end of each ride.

One of the main advantages of the Qmountz is that you can check all recorded videos immediately after each surf session. Watch, edit and share with your friend in your social network accounts or via email.

Get your Qmountz waterproof case.