Dane Reynolds: he needs a surfboard bike rack

Dane Reynolds is the star of Marine Layer Productions' new surf movie "Loaded."

Prepare for 23 minutes and eight seconds of retro surf footage.

Although the original video clips may have been shot in high-quality cameras, Reynolds likes it old, grainy, and lo-fi.

"'Loaded' started shortly after I finished 'Slow Dance,' and I wanted to do a video documenting the premiere tour, but I was also doing a little video piece with Taylor Knox, and I had the idea of cramming it all together without context and calling it 'Loaded,'" explains Reynolds.

The surfer from Ventura is not alone in his retro surfing adventures.

Superheroes Craig Anderson, Taylor Knox, Noa Deane, and Nat Young join Reynolds in the quest for the world's emptiest surf breaks.

The soundtrack for "Loaded" matches the film's look and style. Forget slow motions and immaculate wetsuits.

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