Glenn Hall conquers China to make history for Ireland

January 14, 2012 | Surfing
Glenn Hall: a pint is waiting for you in Ireland

Glenn "Micro" Hall made history for Ireland after conquering the inaugural Hainan Classic, held in the Chinese barreling sand-bottom waves of Riyue Bay.

Hall defeated Royden Bryson, from South Africa, and was crowned champion of the first ASP 4-Star surfing event held in the country.

"China’s been amazing, I was honestly stoked to come here regardless of the contest, but to come here and have fun, uncrowded waves, was great. The first couple days were two-foot and fun then it got to four-foot and pumping and then it got bigger and it’s just been a good week," said Hall, after his win.

"I’m pumped, it’s been the funnest week of surfing, so to have a win and a check to go with it is amazing", he added. Glenn Hall secured the highest-rated ASP event win by an Irish surfer.

In the final, Bryson wasn’t finding waves. It was Hall who kept most active and was finding the waves that lined-up all the way through the bay, allowing for multiple turns and maneuvers. Bryson did complete the trick of the heat, landing a perfectly executed double-grab air-reverse.

Ultimately, Bryson couldn’t find the waves to out-point Hall, who was surfing fast and smooth on the best waves of the heat, for a total score of 16.33. Bryson had a few opportunities late in the heat, but finished with a score of 16.16.

After the final, at the water’s edge, a pair of Australians was able to pull Hall away from the mob of Chinese media and chaired him up the beach. Hall spends half of the year living and training in Australia.

"I’m stoked for Hally, he’s a good friend of mine, so I couldn’t have picked a better person to win the final, besides myself," said Bryson, with a laugh. "All in all, I am just stoked to have come here; it’s an amazing place, and I cannot believe the quality of the waves. It’s a place I’ll definitely visit again in the future."