Go for it: Titans of Mavericks gets green light

February 11, 2016 | Surfing
Mavericks: big, sharky, cold and deadly | Photo: Nelly/Red Bull

The Titans of Mavericks has been called on. The world's fearless big wave surfers will hit Half Moon Bay on February 12th.

It's never big enough for the "The Eddie" but, in Northern California, there are 24 chargers ready to tackle giant waves breaking in sharky cold waters. This time, Mavericks will be powered by El Niño.

The long period NW swell is expected to produce wave faces in the 25-to-35-foot range. Surf forecasters believe there will be a few lulls in the action, but fans might expect one the best competition days ever in the infamous break located half a mile offshore from Pillar Point Harbor.

The Titans of Mavericks will be broadcasted live via Red Bull TV. The top three surfers from the Round 1 will earn a spot in the semifinals; the Mavericks final will have six surfers.

The one-day competition will be head judged by Steve Coletta. He is one of the six judges who will decide who rode the best and biggest. The last time a Mavericks contest got underway was in 2014.

"Mavericks garners respect all over the world. And everybody that has big wave genes in their system is here surfing Mavericks. We are expecting big waves. It's full speed ahead for us," founder and organizer Jeff Clark told KGO TV.

2015/16 Titans of Mavericks | Heat Draw

Heat 1
Carlos Burle
Ryan Seelbach
Derek Dunfee
Anthony Tashnick
Jamie Mitchell
Colin Dwyer

Heat 2
Chris Bertish
Jamie Sterling
Kohl Christensen
Ken Collins
Mark Healey
Tyler Fox

Heat 3
Zach Wormhoudt
Ben Wilkinson
Shane Desmond
Nathan Fletcher
Rusty Long
Alex Martins

Heat 6
Nic Lamb
Dave Wassell
Grant Washburn
Greg Long
Ryan Augenstein
Shane Dorian

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