GoPro HD Hero camera survives heavy wipeout

November 27, 2012 | Surfing
Wipeout: Garret McNamara has great surfboards and cameras

A GoPro HD Hero surf camera attached to a surfboard has survived a 15-foot wave wipeout in the hands of the big wave surfer, Garrett McNamara.

The most famous Hawaiian big rider is hunting the 100-foot wave, in Nazaré, Portugal. Garrett McNamara always check his gear before hitting serious oceans.

Safety comes first, but Mother Nature is strong and may catch the experienced watermen in any occasion. This time, McNamara was caught inside and had to duck dive into a 15-foot wall of water.

His 12-foot Dick Brewer gun was ready for the biggest test of all. After six hours of tow-in surfing, Garrett decided to paddle his special surfboard with a GoPro HD Hero surf camera attached.

After missing the first wave, he turned around to paddle back out and was faced with one of the biggest waves of the day about to break on his head.

Garrett tried to take his surf leash off, but it was too late. The Hawaiian icon took a heavy beating, along with his gear. Minutes later, the Dick Brewer gun and the GoPro HD Hero were alive, back in the beach. Is there a better publicity for a surf camera?

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