Grant Baker triumphs at the 1Wave Wonder

July 7, 2011 | Surfing
Grant Twiggy Baker: undercover life

Grant "Twiggy" Baker scored a massive barrel ride at a secret reef to clinch the first Oakley 1Wave Wonder, pocketing him a total of R60,000 for his efforts. After five months of competition and over 150 entries, it was one thick tube ride that netted him the first prize for "Ride Of The Season".

"It was one of the best waves of my life. When this competition was first launched, I knew it was going to take something pretty special to beat the top guys like Jordy who can do amazing things on virtually any average wave", said Baker.

Grant eventually paddled into a big wave at the Boland Reef and after a critical take-off and drop, with Twig nearly losing it at the bottom of the wave, he recovered and pulled straight into a giant barrel.

Completely disappearing for a few seconds, Twiggy emerged in a cloud of whitewater and spray to claim the challenge and edge out previous monthly winners Jordy Smith, Shaun Joubert, Deen Hill and Brendan Gibbens in the process.

The cherry on top was the fact that Twig's better half Kate Lovemore was the videographer of the wave, and thus wins the trip for two to G-Land - the incredible Garajagan Surf Camp at one of the best waves in the world, situated on the edge of the Javanese jungle.

"This event really seemed to push South African surfing, as more and more surfers tried to outdo each other by submitting some incredible rides", tells Seth Hulley, Action Sports Manager for Oakley.

The rules for the Oakley 1Wave Wonder are quite simple: no heats, no points, no contest vests.