Mark Healey: ready, set, Teahupoo

A large, perfect, and solid swell has hit Teahupoo, in Tahiti, in one of the best big wave surfing sessions of the last years.

Blue skies, crystal-clear waves, and an ultra crowded line-up. Welcome to "The End of the Road", the Tahitian surf spot that has already claimed lives.

The word crossed countries. Swell. Teahupoo is pumping serious, dangerous barrels. Time to pack and travel. The world's most experienced big wave surfers respect Teahupoo, like no other ride.

The usual suspects have tried their luck, despite some life-threatening wipeouts and boat incidents. The life-threatening wave of Teahupoo makes its own path and doesn't stop to greet surfers.

Alain Riou, Wade Goodall, Shane Dorian, Raimana Van Bastolaer, Nathan Fletcher, Mark Healey, Pedro Manga, Laird Hamilton, Kohl Christensen, Kealii Mamala, Koa Rothman, Adam D'Esposito, Carlos Burle, Dean Morrison, and Dave Wassel have been spotted making breathtaking rides.

Surfers had waves ranging from 6-to-25 foot waves. In a matter of hours, paddle-in was not humanly possible, anymore. Tow-in mode.

Teahupoo challenges fear, but female surfers don't panic. Maya Gabeira, the Brazilian charger traveled all the way to Tahiti to test her skills.

Keala Kennelly, who suffered a horrendous wipeout and injury at Teahupoo, a few years ago, returned for revenge.

One last word for all the bodyboarders. Teahupoo was unveiled for surfing by a famous prone rider - Mike Stewart.

Again, bodyboarders have challenged the Tahitian monster, with incredible performances and impossible airdrops.

After the Millennium Wave, have we found the Century Wave yet?

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