Hawaii Surfing Championship 2014 kicks off in Honolulu

June 7, 2014 | Surfing
Hawaii Surfing Championship: where surfboards grow wings

Dustin Cuizon claimed the opening round of the Hawaii Surfing Championship, at Kewalo Basin, Honolulu.

Surprisingly, the surfing capital of the world doesn't have many contests in which local surfers are granted a chance to qualify for major ASP events.

The Hawaii Surfing Championship is three-event series dedicated to giving island pro wave riders their very own local tour.

The concept co-founded by Kai Sallas aims to establish a series of ASP-sanctioned events, so that Hawaii's top surfers can compete for points, and qualify for events like the Triple Crown of Surfing or the World Longboard Tour.

"When I came back from the 2013 World Longboard Championships, I found out that they cancelled the only two ASP professional contests. Being Hawaii the birthplace of surfing and the surfing mecca of the world, it's sad to see there are no surf contests on the South Shore, so this is my way to give back to the surfing community," explains Sallas, who won the longboard division.

The next stage will be run at Bowls, between 21st-22nd June.

Hawaii Surfing Championship 2014 | Kewalo Basin Results

1. Dustin Cuizon
2. Josh Moniz
3. Isaiah Moniz
4. Randall Paulson

1. Kai Sallas
2. Nelson Ahina
3. Scotty Fong
4. Isaac Kaneshiro

1. Mahina Maeda
2. Bailey Nagy
3. Missy Valdez
4. Brittany Penaroza

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