Headache: duck diving in cold waters is a nightmare

Surfing in Northern Europe can be a "Headache." Literally.

Felix Gänsicke, the filmmaker behind "Headache," lives surrounded by cold temperatures, in and out of the water.

He knew he would only find adversities when he traveled to Iceland, Schottland, Denmark, and Germany.

But he is proud of what he considers to be "the first German cold water surf movie."

The stakes are high, but the trailer is good enough. The colors, the angles, and the waves have been carefully chosen.

"We've lived long months and endless hours on ships and roads. Heavy rain, storm forecasts, icy water temperatures, and colder air were with us all the time," explains Gänsicke.

Cold water surfers know the feeling of that ice cream headache that you get when duck diving for your first-time winter session.

Jonas Bronnert, Finn Springborn, Alex Tesch, Christian Spicker, Lucas Günther, Julian Braun, and Phil Biewald rode the waves in breathtaking sceneries under freezing conditions.

Enjoy and avoid hypothermia.

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