Hélio António wins 2018 Praia do Norte Photography Awards

October 5, 2018 | Surfing
The Man and The Mountain: the winning shot of the Praia do Norte Photography Awards | Photo: Hélio António

Hélio António is the grand winner of the inaugural Praia do Norte Photography Awards. He takes home 2,000 euros.

The Portuguese surf lensman shot the best picture of the year with "The Man and The Mountain," a stunning image that shows reveals Nazaré's big wave in all its splendor.

"The winning photo reflects perfectly the size of the giant waves of Praia do Norte, with a surfer in action and with an original and unprecedented approach," the jury stressed.

António was born in Nazaré in November 1978. He started riding a bodyboard at the age of 17 but soon after felt the need to capture what he saw while catching waves at Praia do Norte.

Hélio loves shooting surfing and bodyboarding, but he is also interested in pointing his camera toward the ocean, people, and landscapes.

João Bracourt and his "Duck Dive," and Ricardo Fuchs with "What Else" took second and third place, respectively, in the first edition of Praia do Norte Photography Awards.

The three winning photographs will be on display at the Fort of S. Miguel Arcanjo in 2019.

A special prize was also awarded to the picture "Lionel Franssen" by Sérgio Amaral Braz. The photograph had the highest number of reactions on the Praia do Norte Facebook page during the submission period.

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