Help the New Jersey surfing region

October 31, 2012 | Surfing
Atlantic City: destruction by Hurricane Sandy

New Jersey has been devastated by Hurricane Sandy. One of the best surf regions in the US East Coast has suffered floods, house destruction, electricity shortages and fires.

Ocean Grove, Belmar, Jenkinson's, Long Beach Island, 7-11, Margate Pier, The Cove, Mantoloking, 7th Street, Sumner Avenue, 36th Street to 42nd Street, 26th to 30th Street Pier, Nun's Beach, 2nd St. to 10th St., Steger's Beach and The Rocks.

New Jersey's top surfing destinations have seriously been affected by the power of Hurricane Sandy winds and swell.

Local beach communities are trying to recover from the natural attack, but damages are still visible. Atlantic City has been severely affected and its boardwalk ravaged by the storm.

Surfers are known for their altruism and have been called to gather their efforts in the reconstruction of their local communities and public spaces.

Belmar has disappeared and all beaches between Asbury Park and Long Beach Island, in a 80-kilometre strip, have been swallowed by water and wind.

Contact the NJ Office of Emergency Management and give your surfing heart and hand to help your local communities.