Here's why surfing is "Everything We Love"

July 6, 2017 | Surfing
Everything We Love: a movie featuring Ethan and Julen Egiguren | Photo:

Ethan and Julen Egiguren spent one year traveling the world in search of perfect waves.

As a result, we got "Everything We Love," an 18-minute movie about the pure love for surfing.

To things even more real and intense, filmmaker Guillem Cruells shot it in 4k, 16mm and Super 8, so that you enjoy the high-resolution moments and the retro feel action scenes in their full splendor.

The Egiguren brothers traveled and surfed the waves of Europe, Central American and Indonesia, and found everything a surfer dreams of - tubes, blue waters, empty lineups, and perfect wave faces.

"We shot the film at the same time Nathan Ridley, and J. Batalla were working on the original soundtrack! It's been a blast making this project, especially because of everyone whom we've encountered on the way and has helped us along," explained Cruells.

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