Out in the Line-Up: gay surfers want a wave

"Out in the Line-Up" is a 60-minute documentary that challenges the taboos around homosexuality in surfing.

Ian Thomson is the director of the newest surf movie that promises to add controversy to the world of waves and surfing. Gay presence in surfing has always lived under secrecy.

Now, the founder of the world's first website for gay surfers will be followed through Australia, the USA, and Brazil - to meet ex-pro-surfers, surfing groups, up-and-coming surfers, sports psychologists, journalists, and sponsors.

Their stories tell of the hope for diversity and acceptance, both in and out of the water.

"Out in the Line-Up" will be filmed in three phases: California (October 2012), Australia (February 2013) and Brazil (July 2013).

"We are also looking for talented surfers and interesting protagonists who are prepared to tell their stories on camera," the crew promises.

"We are committed to giving these stories a voice and are looking for avenues of funding, sales, and distribution to bring this film to a global audience

"Out in the Line-Up" has been discovering people who are willing to speak about their experiences on camera, with stories of hope for diversity and acceptance, both in and out of the water.

The new gay surfing film will be released in December 2013.

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