How can surfers work together to protect waves?

May 7, 2013 | Surfing
Waves: protect and defend them

The third Global Wave Conference is discussing how can surfers work together to protect waves.

Global threats to surfing areas remain an urgent issue. From Australia to California, there are multiple cases of waves that can simply disappear, in a matter of hours.

The Global Wave Conference aims to focus on how we advance wave protection. The meeting will see members of wave protection signing a convention that recognizes the significance and need for wave protection and a commitment to work together to achieve it.

There are several types of threats that can cause the degradation of a wave: pollutions, oil spills, coastal development, lack of accessibility, poor water quality, offshore development, etc.

The challenge for the surfing community is to highlight the fact that the presence of a wave exceeds surfing alone and has larger community and societal benefits.

As a result, one objective of the conference is to characterize what are the damages which can affect waves and coastal areas and to study the best ways to fight them.

Surfers against Sewage (United Kingdom), Save the Waves Coalition (California), WildCoast/CostaSalvage (USA and Mexico), Surfbreak Protection Society (New Zealand), National Surfing Reserves (Australia), Salvem O Surf (Portugal) are some of the NGO's working together for the protection of waves.

The Global Wave Conference has already been held in San Sebastian/Donostia, Biarritz and Rosarito.