Cape Fear: a dive into the reef | Photo: Red Bull/Bill Morris

Welcome to "Ours," one of the most dangerous surf spots in the world. Whether you're hitting the razor-sharp reef or smashing into a pure rock cliff-face, it's important to learn how not to die at Botany Bay.

"Ours," Cape Solander, Cape Fear, or Botany Bay.

The place has many names, but all wipeouts taste the same. With 10-foot slabs breaking, there's only one way out.

Lifeguard veteran Aaron Graham and his six-man Pro Guarding crew know the spot and what dangerous secrets lie below.

They've been surfing here, and saving lives, too. Aaron's brother, Kobi, suffered a fractured spine while surfing the break.

"We've got a team of six lifeguards working from jet skis, the rocks, and the support boat with the full realm of medical gear in the channel, and we're prepared for anything," explains Aaron.

Having been charged with the safety and medical responsibilities for the entire "Storm Surfers" series and movie with Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke-Jones, Aaron and his crew have quite literally helped surfers survive the biggest and most dangerous waves in the world.

"Big wave safety is our specialty, so we know better than anyone what to expect and prepare for at Cape Fear. There are just so many variables. There's no room for error with the rocks so close, the reef below, and the sheer power of the wave. We've seen some horror injuries out there over the years."

"We'll be kitted out with helmets, booties and buoyancy equipment, and clothing that you typically don't need at most locations. For us, it's like going into battle."

The Cape Fear specialists have spent weeks, months even, tailoring their rescue strategy.

There will be one or two men stationed on the rocks at any one time and two rescue swimmers on the back of two jet skis and the support boat.

The support boat is prepped for medical staff to work on an unconscious patient, someone who's suffered a severe spinal injury, or any other worst-case scenario.

"The barnacles are savage out there and can cut deep and long - and heavy bleeding isn't good at the best of times, let alone in the water," Aaron concludes.

The Red Bull Cape Fear will run between April 17th and August 1st in Sydney, Australia.

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