Surf camps: location is almost everything | Photo: Shutterstock

Are you getting ready for your first luxury surf holidays? Have you decided to book a budget surf camp experience? Know what to expect from this type of accommodation.

A quick online search reveals that there are surf camps for all pockets, but in the end, it will all be about surfing and the pleasure of catching pristine waves in idyllic places.

A surf camp is ideal for someone who loves traveling and wants to learn to surf or improve his/her wave-riding skills.

But it can also be a fulfilling experience for those who have already mastered the art of surfing and seeking new waves in uncharted territories.

The social side of it and the discovery of new cultures add extra dimensions to the whole adventure.

So, what should you expect from a modern, 21st-century surf camp? Latrines, sleeping mats, junk food, and ultra-crowded lineups?

Not at all. And it doesn't matter where you plan to go. You're a surfer, and you deserve quality accommodations.

Whether you're booking a surf camp in Costa Rica, Portugal, Bali, France, Sri Lanka, or Morocco, you should always get what you want.

One of the most recurring mistakes surf travelers make is to accept outdated conditions, noisy guest houses, and informal conditions.

Surf camps: sometimes a tent is all you need | Photo: Dreamsea Surf Camp Spain

Must-Have Facilities and Amenities

There are thousands of surf camps in the world.

They've become a popular tourist choice, especially because the majority of these lodgings target surfing beginners and first-timers.

Understandably, location is key. If you're in surf camp to surf, make sure you sleep, eat, and have fun near the best breaks.

But be cautious when booking your room - although private beaches are rare, surf camps advertise themselves as an exclusive access point to world-class surf spots.

If you're going away on a surf trip, make sure you book the right surf camp for your vacation.

Take a look at the most important facilities and amenities in a surf camp:

  1. Free airport service;
  2. Bed and breakfast deals;
  3. Air-conditioned rooms;
  4. Comfortable beds;
  5. Private shower/bathrooms;
  6. Bath towels;
  7. Free WiFi access;
  8. Cooking facilities and eating areas;
  9. Laundry;
  10. Outdoor public spaces;
  11. Swimming pool;
  12. Café, bar, and restaurant;
  13. Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free menus;
  14. ATMs and exchange machines nearby;
  15. Vending machine;
  16. A complete first aid kit;
  17. Free parking;
  18. Bike rentals;
  19. Car rentals;
  20. Surfboard and wetsuit rentals;
  21. Qualified surf instructors;
  22. Maps of the nearby surf spots;
  23. Free transfers from surf camp to the surfing spots;
  24. Photography and video services;
  25. Guided city tours;

Take a look at what to pack for a surf trip.

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