Surfer: learn how to draw a wave rider effortlessly | Illustration: SurferToday

Have you ever tried drawing a surfer riding a perfect barreling wave? Here's how to do it without any previous experience.

Surfing is a highly visual sport that is often compared to ballet and dancing, mainly due to its graceful body movements in sync with Nature's creation.

Anyone can shoot a surfer from the beach with a smartphone or camera, but professional photographers know how difficult it is to capture the perfect surfer photo.

There seems to be a very precise moment in time when you've got to press the shutter-release button to get a timeless picture.

The same applies to sketches and drawings.

However, from an illustrator's point of view, the advantage is that you can plan your work with all the time in the world before executing it.

If you're drawing a surfer on a blank sheet of paper, you can start by using a pencil before going into it with a marker.

You don't need to be an artist to depict a wave rider. Give it a try, have fun, and you might be surprised by the outcome.

Drawing Materials

  • Sheet of A4 paper;
  • Pencil;
  • Eraser;
  • Marker;
  • Brush markers or watercolor pens (optional);

Surfer: a simple arty sketch always looks cool | Illustration: Shutterstock

Drawing Instructions | The Surfer

Ready to draw and color a surfer deep inside the barrel? Here's how to do it:

  1. Draw the surfer's head in the middle of the paper;
  2. Draw the hairline across his head and the ears on the sides;
  3. Add two simple dots for the eyes and a U-shaped mouth;
  4. Draw a chest line coming out from the surfer's chin, followed by his shoulder, bicep, elbow, and forearm;
  5. Add the thickness to his arm until you reach the wrist;
  6. Draw the surfer's hand;
  7. Time to draw the other arm, which will come out from the top of his head, using the above technique;
  8. Now, coming out from the top of the surfer's head, draw a gentle curve outward before curving into his elbow;
  9. Keep the curve going behind the elbow to start drawing the leg and then bend down to the calf;
  10. Draw the top of the leg coming out to where his knee is and bend down and taper down to the surfer's ankle;
  11. Time to add a short line for his heel and a long line for the top of his foot;
  12. Draw the toes or simply add a neoprene boot;
  13. Now, draw the other knee coming out from the front arm's bicep but aimed back and behind his front leg;
  14. Draw the back foot behind the surfer's front hand;

Drawing Instructions | The Surfboard and the Wave

A surfer without a surfboard isn't really a surfer. Let's a board to the equation:

  1. Put a point diagonally out from his front foot to mark the nose of the surfboard;
  2. Draw a curve up and into the surfer's front leg;
  3. For the other rail, draw another curve that connects to his front hand and continue and connect the back;

Finally, it's time to draw the ultimate wave.

  1. Draw a few zig-zag lines coming from the nose of the board and into his back knee to illustrate the speed of the ride;
  2. Add another curvy line above to add a splash effect;
  3. To see the wave that will be curling over the top of the surfer's head, draw a long and wide curve that comes all the way over;
  4. For the crumbling foamy lip, draw a few bumpy lines that go off the page;
  5. Do you need to add depth to the tubular wave? Add a few curved lines inside it;

There you go - a work of art. Last but not least, color it in any way you want.

For instance, use two or three shades of blue for the waves and then contrasting colors for the surfboard, wetsuit, surfer's hair, and skin.

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