How to dry your wetsuit faster

Drying a wetsuit: hanging 20 | Photo:

When the offshore winds and favorable swells are hitting your home break for an entire week, it's great to have your wetsuit dry all the time.

The surfing conditions are perfect, but you only own one wetsuit. And we know how putting on a cold, wet wetsuit can be a dramatic body experience.

So, the only solution is to dry your neoprene skin faster than usual so that you don't miss the next offshore dream.

Drying Wetsuits Faster 101

Here's what you should do to get your wetsuit dry in a couple of hours:

  1. Rinse and hang your wetsuit inside out on a wide plastic hanger, out of the sun;
  2. Wait 20 minutes until the water in the wetsuit starts to pool in the lower arms and legs;
  3. Squeeze the pooled water out of each arm and leg. Start at the shoulder and squeeze your way down to the wrist. On the leg, start at the thigh and squeeze your way down to the ankles;
  4. Repeat the previous step after waiting another 20 minutes;
  5. Leave your wetsuit hanging in the breeze for another hour or two. After this time, it should be dry enough to put on comfortably;

During Winter or in cold conditions, drying your wetsuit will take longer, especially outside or in a garage.

That is why well-ventilated bathrooms are a good choice for drying a wetsuit. Hang your wetsuit in the shower or over the bathtub and apply the previous tips.

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