FCS II: learn how to quickly install and remove your fins | Photo: FCS

Are you having trouble popping your FCS II fins in and out? Watch how it's done without breaking your surfboard.

The FCS II is a detachable fin system technology launched in March 2013.

Since then, surfboard manufacturers and shapers have adapted their creations to the new standard.

The FCS II allows surfers to quickly install and remove fins without needing tools, screws, and hex keys.

The fin plugs are also compatible with the original FCS system - you only need a simple compatibility kit.

The updated fin mechanism is reliable, resistant, durable, and light.

However, sometimes, you may struggle to remove them without damaging the surfboard's fiberglass layer.

Relax: all you need to do is apply firm pressure using your hand.

Installing FCS II Fins 101

Here's how to install an FCS II fin on your surfboard:

  1. Insert the front of the fin into the plug;
  2. Use downward pressure to lock the fin in place;
  3. When you hear the click, it's secure;

Removing FCS II Fins 101

To release, grab a towel and protect your hand before doing the following:

  1. Hold the surfboard firmly;
  2. Lift up at the back of the fin;

In both cases, make sure you have some padding under the surfboard to cushion the impact of these snap-in and out processes.

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