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Have you ever thought of making your own surf wax? We've got the perfect recipe for you. Get a personal grip with an eco-friendly touch.

Grip is all that matters when you're taking off on fast, steep waves. If your feet get slippery, you'll experience hilarious wipeouts.

Wax was first tested on a surfboard by Los Angeles surfer Alfred Gallant Jr. in 1935.

The formula has improved over time, and nowadays, commercial surf wax is widely available in different colors and scents.

It's easy to make, so why not try your custom-made wax? You'll certainly impress your surfing friends and may even start a new business.

It's possible to make wax for both warm and cold water. Buy beeswax and coconut oil (or any fragrant oil). You'll only have to add tree resin (sap) if you opt to make cold water wax.

To obtain tree resin, cut a small area of a pine tree, and collect the liquid with a small plastic cup. Don't worry - you're not hurting the tree.

The Organic Surf Wax Recipe | Ingredients

  • 3.5 parts Beeswax;
  • 1 part Coconut Oil or Fragrant Oil;
  • 1 part Tree Resin / Sap (for cold water wax only);

Homemade Surfboard Wax 101

Ready to produce your first homemade organic surf wax bar? Let's do it.

  1. Place three and a half parts beeswax, one part coconut oil, and one part tree resin (optional) in a large cook pot;
  2. Heat gently in a double boiler, keeping the mixture moving;
  3. Stir the mixture until all ingredients are liquefied;
  4. Pour the melted formula into paper/plastic cups or other disposable containers. Remember that molds like small Tupperware will produce shapes that work just as well as classic surfboard wax discs;
  5. Finally, let the wax rest for three hours until dry;

Label it with a brand and logo, and test it in the water. It's the best organic surf wax you'll ever get.

Smelly and sticky, without petrochemicals.

Learn how to wax a surfboard and how to remove wax from your wetsuit.

Discover the best surf wax brands in the world.

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