Chest zip wetsuits: they are hard to take off when they're wet

Wetsuits are fragile. In order to make our second skin last longer, we need to know how to put it on without tearing the neoprene. Learn how to take off a chest zip wetsuit without help and without looking like a kook.

Putting a chest zip on is almost as difficult as getting it off, especially when it is slightly wet. Sometimes, we're just too tired and cold, and we need to speed up the process.

As a result, the wetsuit suffers and begins losing its core qualities: flexibility and strength.

High-end wetsuits are tested to resist our impatience, but we should know how to keep in good shape. You don't want to replace panels and start sewing every hole you find.

Chest zip wetsuits are special. You can't put them on as fast as you do it with classic back zip models.

Chest zip suits that are open on one side are trickier because of the chest entry.

You might have felt it often: the nightmare begins when you slip the first arm in. And you know there's more to come.

It's almost like a fight between you and the wetsuit, but we'll prove it is possible to do it fast and easily.

By the way, are your nails too long? Cut them. Otherwise, they'll damage the neoprene irreversibly.

Putting On and Taking Off a Chest Zip Wetsuit

So, let's learn how to wear a wetsuit properly:

  1. Reach inside the wetsuit with both arms;
  2. Grab around the hips;
  3. Cover your foot with a thin plastic bag;
  4. Get your first leg in;
  5. Slip it through the wetsuit;
  6. Pull the bag off and repeat the process with the other foot;
  7. Now that the bottom half is done, put the rash vest on;
  8. Get the left arm in and bring the excess to the top;
  9. Slip in the other arm;
  10. Bring the neck entry in;

Feeling tired after a long surf session? Now, let's learn how to take a chest zip wetsuit off:

  1. Pull the neck entry out, up, and over your head;
  2. Gently peel over each shoulder from your ear;
  3. Take small steps and ease each shoulder down to get an elbow free;
  4. Roll the wetsuit down your torso and lower body towards your ankles;
  5. Peel the legs down with your thumbs without standing on your wetsuit;

Overstretching when getting in and out of the wetsuit is a very common issue. Never grab the neoprene and yank it over the shoulder, and don't try to take it off from the back.

Learn how to sew and repair a wetsuit tear. Discover how to remove wax from neoprene.

Check the wetsuit size chart for your body.

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