Surfboard stickers: learn how to glue them down | Photo: ASP

Surfers use stickers to promote sponsors or simply because they love surf brands on their favorite surfboards. So, let's learn how to glue those logos to your magic stick.

Stickers and surfboards have always traveled together. You don't need to be a pro surfer to get a famous surfing logo on the tip of your all-around board.

Stick them if you like, and never mind the critics and purists.

The problem is that surf stickers hate wax, sand, water, and salt. Surfboard decals are fragile; they require careful hands and patience.

That is why you should find time to get them correctly glued down.

Apply Stickers on a Surfboard 101

Remember: quality surfboard stickers are made of vinyl. Let's learn how to apply stickers on a classic shortboard:

  1. Is it too hot or too cold; don't install a decal or sticker in extreme weather conditions;
  2. Clean up the spot where your surfboard decal will be glued; use products that won't prevent the sticker from adhering well;
  3. Decide the area where you want your sticker to be, and make sure it has no sand grains, water, or wax; make necessary measurements;
  4. Peel the white paper backing off the sticker;
  5. Slowly lower the sticker onto the surfboard and rub it firmly with a credit card so that any air bubbles that may have formed disappear;
  6. Confirm that the edges of the stickers are well glued down;
  7. Let the surf sticker dry for six hours before hitting the water;

Finally, it's time to bust a classic myth - surf stickers don't create significant drag.

Obviously, you won't put a sticker in a spot where your feet will be while surfing or where wax is usually applied.

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