How to recycle old surf wax

Surf wax: learn how to recycle and re-use it | Photo: Shutterstock

Get the most out of your unused chunks of wax. Learn how to reuse the classic surf wax ball that often ends up in trash cans.

Recycling wax is always a smart move. You'll save a lot of money - a new bar of surf wax costs between $3 and $5, and you'll protect the environment - paraffin is a petroleum distillate.

There are other options for getting a cheaper, eco-friendly sticky grip.

For example, you can always learn how to make your own aromatic bars of wax using natural ingredients like beeswax and coconut oil.

But if you're in recycling mode, know that the process is quite simple and straightforward.


You'll just need:

  • Old used wax;
  • A wax comb;
  • A clean empty tin can;
  • A thick silicone cupcake mold;

Homemade Surf Wax Recipe

Now, let's give a new life to your old surf wax:

  1. Remove the old wax off the surfboard;
  2. Collect the wax into the tin;
  3. Add other leftovers found in the car or surfboard bag;
  4. Place the tin can into a pan filled halfway with water;
  5. Boil the water and cook it slowly;
  6. Stir the wax as it begins to melt;
  7. Consider adding coconut oil and tree sap to the mixture;
  8. Pour the melted wax into the cupcake mold;
  9. Let the wax harden overnight;
  10. Unmold the wax and wax up your surfboard;

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