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Old wax is a problem. It adds weight to the surfboard but loses tackiness, becoming useless. Learn how to properly remove wax from your surfboard and leave it clean for a new layer of grip.

In theory, surf wax should be continuously replaced by a brand-new grip.

The slightly adhesive feel that you need to avoid unnecessary slippery wipeouts can only be fully guaranteed if you constantly remove old wax and establish stickiness with a brand-new layer.

We always postpone surf waxwork because we're lazy and we believe it is still good to go.

But we ought to know that it's simple and quick to remove old wax. If the sun is shining, it will be even easier.

Many surfers also have to adjust their gripping needs in different water temperatures. You may need to remove and replace wax frequently, so let's figure out the best way to do it and get started.

First of all, make sure to carry quality surf wax in your gear bag. It's inexpensive and has a big impact on the quality of your future surfing sessions.

Get the following items:

Scraping Old Wax Off a Surfboard

Now let's remove that dark old wax:

  1. If the day's warm, put your surfboard under direct sunlight. The old wax will soften and melt like butter. It takes about five minutes;
  2. If the weather's not sunny at all, pour hot water over the deck or use a hair dryer to heat it up;
  3. Alternatively, start scraping the surfboard with the sharp edge of your wax comb/remover. Create a pattern from tail to nose or from rail to rail;
  4. Once the main job has been completed, remove any remaining sticky bumps one by one until the original color of the surfboard is visible;
  5. Spray the citrus-based wax remover over the board, as well as onto a clean rag or cloth. Wait 30 seconds, then clean the deck, using circular motions, until it is dry;

A few additional tips: forgot your wax remover? No problem. Use a credit card.

Have you run out of citrus-based wax remover? Pour pure melted coconut oil over the board, or sprinkle beach sand and rub off the last bits with a wooly towel.

Learn how to wax a surfboard and discover the best surf wax brands in the world.

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