How to remove wax from your wetsuit

Wetsuits: use the iron, not this way | Photo: Seventhwave Wetsuits

After many surfing sessions, the wax will accelerate the wetsuit tear. Learn how to get rid of it quickly.

What do you need to remove unwanted surf wax from your favorite wetsuit?

Get a clothing iron - no steam - and an old tea towel or clean rag.

Now, set the iron to a low temperature, for example, by selecting the nylon setting.

Then, test a small area inside your wetsuit to ensure it won't burn.

Removing Wax from Neoprene 101

Here's how to get that sticky wax off your neoprene:

  1. Lay the tea towel over the area where wax is glued to the neoprene;
  2. Iron over it and make sure to keep the iron moving to reduce chances of burning;
  3. You'll notice that the wax will stick to the towel. Repeat the process in all needed areas (bum, knees, hips, and elbows) until there's no wax in your second skin;

Attention: wetsuits with rubber seals or liquid taping will melt under the heat.

Also, don't iron over zips or PVC kneepads because heat can warp and damage them.

Finally, remember that some chest panels have a fluffy lining that will melt under heat.

Watch the following video and learn how to make your wetsuit last longer.