Used surfboards: learn how to sell your second-hand surfboard fast | Photo: Shutterstock

It's never an easy thing to do, but sometimes, we really need to sell a surfboard if we want to get our hands on a brand-new stick equipped with the latest shaping innovations.

Surfers dream about boards. Their ultimate object of desire is a work of art that will hopefully guide them through unforgettable surf sessions.

If you're selling old foam, you have to keep in mind that it will also be seen as an old piece of foam by the potential buyer.

That's why selling a second-hand surfboard involves sense and sensibility. In the end, your goal is to sell it for the best price.

But it has got to be a good deal for both parties, so take your time when pricing your product. Compare brands, models, and your closest competitors.

The average target price of a second-hand surfboard ranges between $50 and $350, depending on the model, the shaper, the size, and the overall condition of the wave-riding machine.

Don't lie about issues surrounding your surfboard. Instead, be honest and straightforward when talking about your beloved selling item.

Remember to try to sell your surfboard in the right season.

There will be more interested buyers in Malibu and fish boards during the summer and more potential buyers for high-performance sticks during the winter season.

The potential buyer will carefully inspect the used surfcraft, so don't lie or hide any information that might be relevant to the deal.

Second-hand surfboards: selling them for the best price requires attention to detail | Photo: Shutterstock

Tips on Selling Used Surfboards

Here's what you should do before trying to sell your used surfboard:

  1. Remove all stickers from the surfboard;
  2. Remove all your personal paint jobs;
  3. Make sure all cracks, creases, and dings have been repaired and fixed professionally;
  4. Scrape off the wax from the deck;
  5. Apply a citrus-based wax remover and clean the surface of the board;

Now that the surfboard is shiny and clean, it's time to put it up for sale. Consider consigning it to your local surf shop, listing it on eBay and Craigslist, or putting it on surf classifieds or online surf-related forums.

Take a few high-quality photos of the surfboard - select its best angles and choose a colorless or high-contrast background so that your item stands out and shines.

Always ensure that you mention the surfboard measurements (length, width, thickness, and volume), and consider including the fins in the sale.

Any free bonuses (bag, leash, wax, traction pad) will help sell it faster.

If the board has a fascinating history or a top craftsman shaped it, write a realistic description and add it to the selling statement.

Finally, when talking with the potential buyer, let him know about the type of waves in which that particular surfboard excels. He will be happy to hear that from you.

Are you selling your first surfboard?

Think twice about putting it up for sale. You'll be getting rid of your fondest surfing memories.

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